Good Food Fest Presentation 2015

goodFoodFest (7)

We had a lot of fun presenting in the Good Food Commons as part of the Good Food Festival. Our presentation flew by! We had 20 minutes but with all the preparation that went into it, the presentation felt like 20 seconds. Our presentation was called “Making Cheese, Tofu, and Tofu Cheese”.

goodFoodFest (1)
That’s us at the 12:30 slot
goodFoodFest (5)
Elsa prepares the samples
goodFoodFest (9)
David describes the similarity between coagulating soy milk and curdling cow milk
wholeFoods (6)
SAMPLE 1 & 2: Herbed Ricotta on a cracker and Herbed Tofu ricotta on a cracker

Herbed Ricotta Recipe
Tofu Ricotta Recipe

wholeFoods (3)
SAMPLE 3 & 4: Tofu cheese on a cracker and homemade tofu on a cracker

Tofu “Cheese” Recipe


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