Since 2009, Fresh Curds has been exploring fresh cheese and tofu making.  Elsa M. Jacobson and dear friend David Arfa focus on traditional home-style techniques to produce fresh and diverse simple cheeses.  In conjunction, they explore non-dairy variations using the same techniques.  They are thrilled to share the ease at which dairy can transform and they have presented how to make a range of international cheeses at numerous culinary events.

Elsa and David began cheese-making by following instructions from Dr. David Fankhauser’s cheese making webpage.  After success with fresh dairy cheeses, they initiated a study of tofu-making, which uses similar techniques.

In addition to her cheese and tofu-making pursuits with David, Elsa manages a farmers market, tests recipes for a James Beard award winning website, and assists and teaches cooking classes, among other activities. During the weekdays from 9-5, David works as a cartographer for Cook County.  He lives with his husband in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

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